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"American Metabolic Labs has the best all-purpose Cancer screening test available in the United States.  I suggest combining it with the anti-aging profile for best results.  Anything detected before there is a lump or bump is considered precancerous.  At that stage, virtually everyone can take action that IMPROVES your health and the subsequent retesting proves you are on the right track and you have less likelihood of ever seeing a lump or bump which is what doctors look for before they call it Cancer.  The cancer panel identifies those of us at increased risk BEFORE the lump or bump has developed.  Precancerous lab test results routinely can be  brought back into safe ranges using a total health promoting detoxifying program I call my F.I.G.H.T. program...
I find that the panel (Cancer Profile) permits me to motivate people to improve life style and take supplements, and again I use the panel to confirm response to my cancer prevention and treatment programs"

Dr. Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H.)

 "It takes many years for cancer cells to grow into a detectable tumor. Yet tests exist that can help doctors determine if their patients are in a pre-cancerous state years before tumors appear. Such early detection would dramatically reduce the incidence of cancer by allowing doctors to guide their patients back to a non-pre-cancerous state, something that is relatively easy to do without the need for expensive drugs or other medical interventions. One such test that helps doctors accomplish such early screening is the Cancer Profile test, developed by Dr. Emil Schandl and available from his company, American Metabolic Laboratories in Hollywood, Florida.  Given its importance, I feel it should be part of a yearly annual physical"                                                                  
Burton Goldberg, the "voice of alternative medicine"   

"Thank you so much for your concern regarding my disorders.  Your sincere care has deeply touched my heart."

Sheila D.

"I really felt you listened and reached out to me and truly helped me with pertinent information.  Endless admiration and endless thanks,"

Maggie B.

"It is difficult to express my feelings of gratitude for your loving kindness toward German ever since he met with you.  You definitely had a special place in his heart and you will always be in mine as well."


"Thank you again for spending the time to explain my test results this evening.  All the information you gave me was very helpful."

Anna K. - the new invincible warrior

"Thank you Doctor for your time and encouragement.  For some reason your words of being an invincible warrior really went to my head and made me much more positive and strong.  It changed my day."

Carol B.

"We are forever grateful for your wisdom and compassion in helping us to diagnose my conditions."

With love and appreciation,
Anna & Ed

"My time with you was most helpful and motivating.  I too, want to praise God with my whole being."

Thanks for being a partner in the race.
Pat F.

"Since visiting you I have had a shift in my thinking and you have helped me more than you know, both physically and mentally.  Besides being so knowledgeable, you are extremely kind and patient.  A rare combination in this day and age, (especially in the medical field).  Thank you for having a huge heart!

I feel very fortunate to know you and consider you as both, my healer and friend."

With gratitude,

"Thank you for everything that you've done for me and my family.  You are a special person, who makes a difference in every person you touch.  You teach me many ways to make my life strong and healthy.

I want to follow in your steps."

Maria and family

"Since I wanted no part of "cut, burn or poison",  I was happy to have been referred to you.  You are exactly what I was looking for! - Thank you!

Here's to becoming an invincible warrior!"

Best Regards,

"I just wanted to send you this note to express my appreciation for all your help in identifying and offering treatment recommendations for some very serious and threatening health conditions that had been developing in me for years.  I am so thankful that these conditions were recognized before progressing to an irrecoverable state.

When confronted with threatening conditions such as high risk for stroke, myocardial infarction and even developing cancer, it can be a very unsettling time in ones life.  I so much appreciate your caring approach and the wealth of knowledge and training you have to develop individualized treatment regimens to restore health.  Of the seven metabolic markers, which ranged from modestly elevated, to grossly threatening, you have methodically addressed each one.

As you know, the markers have nearly all normalized and I am enjoying a level of health that I haven't experienced for many years."                                                                                                                                                            

In health,
James A.

"Just a note to express my gratitude for all your help in getting my health, and life back on track.  Concerned about a family history of breast cancer, and having 3 cysts in my left breast, I knew I had to get away from the traditional bi-annual mammogram and ultrasound to "watch" the cysts; realizing the mammogram "watching" was actually increasing my chances of developing cancer.

Your longevity profile test showed negative for cancer, but discovered problems that could be as lethal as cancer.  My cardiac risk markers, LDL and Lp(a) were extremely elevated, and so was my PTH test result.  These levels were increasing my chances of having a heart attack or stroke, and developing osteoporosis, respectively.

This battery of tests have been, literally, a life-saver to me; the best decision concerning my health I ever made. 

Today, six months after being tested and addressing these specific issues with, better nutrition, exercise, and the supplements you recommended, the retesting showed I reduced my LDL and PTH to normal levels, and the Lp(a) by 20 points.  I have yet some work to do on the latter, and I'm excited to see the results next time I retest.

At 45 years of age, I'm in better shape than ever before.  Physically, emotionally, and spiritually you have been a great inspiration to me.  Most importantly, I'm sharing this wealth of information with my family, promoting and creating awareness in them as well.

As you say, "health is a privilege which we have to work hard for", and I will continue to do just that.

Thank you so much for making a difference in people's lives - God Bless you and all you do.

Victoria D." 

About a year and a half ago, my wife Carolina and I received some really bad news. The cancer (Clear Cell Sarcoma) that we hoped was removed in surgery previously, had been detected again in another location. The prognosis for metastatic CCS is "dismal", or "uniformly fatal". There was no treatment for this cancer other than palliative surgery or a clinical trial that has not had provided any long term success. It was a death sentence.

Carolina is a very special and incredible woman - we were not going to just give up.

That meant diving into the alternative treatment world to look for clues as to what might work. There were some treatments that had worked against similar cancers (other sarcomas and Malignant Melanoma). So that was a starting point. But we had a real problem.  How do we measure the effectiveness of the treatments we try? The only conventional way was to have routine PET/CT scans which are damaging to the long term health of Carolina, and had no where near the sensitivity that we needed. In researching the "Navarro Test", I came across a reference to your website at American Metabolic Laboratories. After talking with you, we decided to run the Cancer Profile to see if we might get lucky and find a blood or urine marker. Well, we did get lucky, doubly so. Both the PHI and urine HCG  were in a concerning range suggesting it had detected the cancer. This was in February 2011. We tried a number of alternative treatments including a trip to a clinic in Germany. We retested in August of 2011, HCG was still elevated and PHI had gone up significantly.

It was time for a different strategy. We added several new alternative treatments in the August/September time-frame. In the middle of November we tested again. We were stunned at what your testing showed. Both PHI and HCG had plummeted to "perfect" levels, suggesting that the cancer was gone! A cancer that once it spreads, as Carolina's had, is always fatal. Or maybe not anymore? We retested in late January, the numbers are still "perfect", there is no indication that the cancer is there. Carolina is feeling great!

The information that your testing provided has been extremely valuable. Without it, we would not have known what was working, or what wasn't working until it was too late. Your testing also allows us to minimize and eliminate the need for damaging PET/CT scans.

We are extremely appreciative of the work you have done developing these tests and for taking the time to work with us in
understanding the test results.

Carolina and I would like to express our deepest thanks to you and your staff for your incredible service and truly life saving help.

Thank you very much!!!

Craig D"

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