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There is no substitute for advanced knowledge about the disease that may harm you; and with cancer, it's imperative.  People who appear to be healthy may be harboring developing cancer cells without any physical signs or symptoms, cancer that cannot be detected by X-rays or other established methods.

That is why a biochemical Cancer Profile™©, through American Metabolic Testing Laboratories, is critical for your health and well-being.  Conducted by Dr. Emil Schandl, the Cancer Profile™© can, as published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, foretell the development of malignancies more than two years prior to standard diagnosis, so you can take appropriate nutritional, medical and lifestyle action!

Dr. Schandl's Cancer Profile™©, Longevity Profile®©  and other complementary procedures designed to detect possible metabolic disorders, are available to patients wherever they live.  The tests comprise the most comprehensive evaluations for prevention, early detection and monitoring of cancer.  They can add years of precious life via prompt attention to developing problems.

Doctors may complete the "new account form" or call 954-929-4814 to setup an account.  Our friendly staff will ship out, at your request and no charge, a number of Cancer Profile™© and/or Longevity Profile®© test kits.  Your patients specimens can be collected right in your office, or they may go anywhere they wish for the phlebotomy.  The patients may also call our laboratories directly to place an order.

Indications for ordering the CA PROFILE™© (Cancer Profile™©) 

  •   as part of a routine diagnostic work-up
  •   if the patient’s complaints do not match completely with the results of other diagnostic procedures
  •   if there are any questionable findings of a physical examination such as:   

          •enlarged lymph nodes
          •thyroid nodules
          •lumps or other tumorous findings
          •unusual skin disorders or discolorations
          •non-healing wounds
          •unusual bodily secretions, excretions, discharges or odors

  •  if there is blood in the stool or urine
  •  if there is a history of prostatic hypertrophy
  •  if there is a history of diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting
  •  if there is a history of coughing or hoarseness in the voice
  •  if there is sudden weight loss
  •  if there is a change in personality
  •  if there is a history of fatigue and lethargy
  •  if there is a history of allergies
  •  if there are any carcinogenic environmental conditions surrounding the patient such as hazardous chemicals or low-level radiation     exposure
  •  if the patient has a history of consuming high fat meals or other known carcinogens, e.g. large amounts of colorings, flavorings, and preservative agents
  •  if the patient has a history of chronic exposure to drinking water containing high concentrations of chlorine, fluorides, pesticides, and other potentially carcinogenic chemicals
  •  if the patient is complaining of extreme, chronic stress and/or depression
  •  if the patient is a past or present smoker, or a non-smoker chronically exposed to “second hand smoke”
  •  if the patient is a habitual caffeine or alcohol abuser
  •  if the patient has a history of inhaling hazardous fumes generated by volatile chemicals, paints, solvents, internal combustion exhaust fumes containing carbon monoxide or other toxic gases
  •  if the patient has a history of exposure to viral agents, e.g. any member of the Herpes and HIV families
  •  if the patient has a history of chronic exposure to Ultra Violet light, e.g. “sun worshipers”
  •  if the patient family has a history of malignancies
  •  if the patient has a past history of malignancy
  •  if the patient is undergoing any therapy for an ongoing malignant condition
  •  if the patient is taking any medications having carcinogenic potentials
  •  if the patient is suffering a prolonged nutritional deficiency
  •  for possible early detection of cancer
  •  for peace of mind
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