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HCG kills young woman....

March 17, 2016 Ashley Welch, the Health and Wellness writer for CBS News posted an article on their website regarding Demi Wright, a 22 year old woman who died because she had been misdiagnosed as pregnant when, in fact, she had a tumor in her liver. By the time it was found, the cancer had spread all over her body. ( 

The reason for the misdiagnosis was a misinterpretation of Ms. Wright’s positive HCG pregnancy test. According to Dr. E.K. Schandl, HCG is not only the pregnancy hormone but also “the malignancy hormone”. It is substantially documented in the biomedical literature that the hormone is present in a variety of tumors e.g., testicular, ovarian, breast, prostate, colon, pancreas, liver, etc. In fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid recognize HCG for its involvement in such tumors.

HCG is the autocrine proliferating factor (APF). It will initiate de novo DNA, RNA, protein synthesis. Cells producing it will obligatorily reproduce. It suppresses immunity and promotes cancer growth. HCG has been found in both women and men of all ages, who are in the process of developing cancer or who already have cancer. 

Dr. Schandl’s Cancer Profile™© (CA Profile™©), comprised of 7 tests, is performed by American Metabolic Laboratories in Hollywood, FL , and has been utilizing the HCG hormone test as one of its primary cancer markers for the past 35 years. The analytical sensitivity, i.e., the lowest detectable level is 0.4 mIU/mL. Standard HCG testing methods measure from 5.0 mIU, meaning Dr. Schandl’s method is 5000 times more sensitive to a developing cancer. Had the doctors diagnosed Ms. Wright’s condition using the Cancer Profile™©, she may still be alive today. He suggests being forewarned by having the Cancer Profile™© test performed annually. 

Notably, the Cancer Profile™© is pre-visual, meaning, unlike CT, MRI, x-ray, other tests, it can pick up developing cancer years before these other methods do. Having this earliest “diagnosis” allows the doctor and the patient to successfully change an improper lifestyle that does lead to cancer.

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