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"...The information that your testing provided has been extremely valuable. Without it, we would not have known what was working, or what wasn't working until it was too late. Your testing also allows us to minimize and eliminate the need for damaging PET/CT scans..."
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Dr. Schandl publication on cancer testing

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Dr. Emil K. Schandl

CA Profile™©

Excellence in Clinical Pathology Since 1995

Dr. Schandl, a Pioneer in Alternative Laboratory Testing, has dedicated the last 30 plus years of his life to the clinical laboratory. During this time he has researched and developed methods for early detection of cancer and other degenerative diseases, and continues to research additional methods and tests to compliment his original work.  
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Longevity Profile®©

Cancer testing for early detection, prevention and disease management.

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An extension of the CA Profile™© and our most comprehensive panel. For early detection of cancer, hormonal imbalance, bone loss, adrenal and stress disorders, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

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